houseava (houseava) wrote in religion,

Important Survey That Should Be Completed... In Case You Overlooked Before

How many of you have started the survey(s), not finished them, or had stopped because of the deadline?  Please realize that even though many questions indeed relate to vampirism and/or energy work or Not Applicable your responses from a demographic,  religious/spiritual/magick/belief, energy manipulation, paranormal experience, etc. perspective are VERY important.

In the last week alone we have received several surveys despite the deadline being Oct. 31st.  We have no intention of changing this deadline but if for some reason you have not completed the surveys (at least the VEWRS - part 1) and wish to submit them please do so as soon as you can.  We can't keep tacking on surveys once we start back entering data so please get your surveys into us ASAP!

Download VEWRS & AVEWRS Surveys At:

Submit Completed Surveys At:

These surveys are applicable in part or whole to all those who identify with energy work or manipulation, vampirism (psychic/sanguine), psionics, otherkin, therianthropy, awakenings, etc. - please take the time to complete at least the VEWRS and submit to us ASAP!
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