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Gnosticism- Gnostic Radio

If you are like me and enjoy listening to audio a times as well as reading.. You might enjoy these too. I found a website called Gnostic Radio.

Epiphany of Christ
The four gospels, the symbolism of the birth of John the Baptist, and the birth of Christ.
22.05 MB mp3

Dream Yoga and Astral Travel
An introduction to the practical steps toward awakening in the internal planes, or in other words, Astral Travel.
18.17 MB mp3

A practical introduction to mindfulness, awareness, attention, consciousness, self-observation and Self-remembering.
42.33 MB mp3

The foundations of Gnosis (Self-knowledge) and the opportunity we have to change the world.
19.09 MB mp3

You can find these and many more at Gnostic Radio
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