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Atheist Michael Newdow PWNs Fox News' Neil Cavuto over Mike Huckabee "Floating Cross" Ad?

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As nice as it was to see Fox News host Neil Cavuto even question the recent political ad from Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee in which the image of a cross floats behind the head of the former Baptist Minister as he talks about Jesus, I quickly found it was all just an opportunity to invite on atheist Michael Newdow and strawman Newdow's arguments as you can see in my latest 3 minute 9 second YouTube video at:

Atheist Newdow PWNs Fox News' Cavuto over Huckabee Cross Ad?

After showing the clips and my analysis, I ask:

Am I right that atheist Michael Newdow PWNed Fox News' Neil Cavuto by presenting an argument Cavuto repeatedly could not address?

And, on the bigger question:

Was Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee wrong to use a cross and the name of Jesus for political purposes as he did in that recent political ad?

As always, I appreciate all feedback :-)
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I think PWNed is a bit strong, and I think that personal attitude of viewers will strongly influence this evaluation, though I personally think he invalidated the newscaster's claims.

I personally think that religion should never be a matter of public display and doing so, and especially for political reasons, is completely grotesque.

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um, separation of church and state? hellooo, *public* display.

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Perhaps you are misunderstanding 'public' then.

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Religion shouldn't have anything to do with the government, period, including determining who works for it. I would posit that in a certain sense, allowing candidates to use religious displays in their campaigns introduces a religious test into the running.

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You are certainly allowed to be wrong.

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You mean my apology for your being a moron?

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10 years ago

Huckabee is a fanatical christian and an idiot. If he were to become the leader of this country, it would only be one more reason for me and my family to move out of it. He paws at the dresses and belts of religious idiots like a sex-starved virgin on prom night; he is a disgusting cur himself, shamelessly trying to buy votes with the religion card. Once, this country cared about politics the way they were meant to be played- a candidate for political office was a man that could show his ability to carry out the political process in the proper way.

Now, it's about where a person goes to fucking church and it's all very stupid. This is why the founding fathers refused to label this nation a "christian" nation, and why they wanted a separation of church and state- when religion gets involved in politics, it quickly becomes a moron's world.

You may find many answers of political consequences in the religious symbols.
Like catholics prey for the crime against personality of Jesus. So the mafia is welcome. In its consequence.
Like protestant's society had worked out the marksism and fashism ideology in their fight against the true christians.
Like orthodoxal monks had prototyped the spiritual despotism in the communism political develop during their way through the time of fight against their own nation and people of Christ.
So their consequences are result for the political crime implementation against people and christians.

This is a responsibility of conscience for everybody to be crossed by people with religious leaders order.

For instance, for the muslims it is a question of self-sacrifice for the truth. For others. Thus is written.

Like Jesus. Soon or later. Again and again.