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Atheist Michael Newdow PWNs Fox News' Neil Cavuto over Mike Huckabee "Floating Cross" Ad?

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As nice as it was to see Fox News host Neil Cavuto even question the recent political ad from Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee in which the image of a cross floats behind the head of the former Baptist Minister as he talks about Jesus, I quickly found it was all just an opportunity to invite on atheist Michael Newdow and strawman Newdow's arguments as you can see in my latest 3 minute 9 second YouTube video at:

Atheist Newdow PWNs Fox News' Cavuto over Huckabee Cross Ad?

After showing the clips and my analysis, I ask:

Am I right that atheist Michael Newdow PWNed Fox News' Neil Cavuto by presenting an argument Cavuto repeatedly could not address?

And, on the bigger question:

Was Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee wrong to use a cross and the name of Jesus for political purposes as he did in that recent political ad?

As always, I appreciate all feedback :-)
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