Plinko Plonk (plinko) wrote in religion,
Plinko Plonk

MTV Request for Input

Hello religion. As the maintainer of this community, I was recently contacted by the program "MTV True Life" regarding gathering information about young people who are at odds with their parents' religions. There may be some opportunity here for you to get on the show (which I must admit I've never seen) if you are interested and have a good story re: religious conflict in your family.

Here is the info, for any who are interested:


We are interested in finding young people who have decided to convert to
another religion than what they were raised. Normally, when we post on
message boards people think we are spam and don't take us seriously. I
was wondering if you would be willing to spread the post on your board.

We are looking for young people, 16-25, who are at odds with their
parents over the topic of religion. Ideally we are looking for someone
in the process of converting to any religion, and their parents don't

Our main goal of the show is to have resolution between them and their
parents, and parents must be willing to participate with the show. If
someone is interested or want to know more about it, they can email They should include their name, age, location,
recent photo, and phone number to contact them.

Thank you again, and feel free to contact me with any questions or
concerns. You can learn more about the True Life series at


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